Open Gymnastics

Open Gym welcomes anyone aged 16 years and over, who is looking to explore movement through gymnastics training.

Whether you’re an ex-gymnast or just looking for a new fitness challenge, Open Gym classes are designed to cater a wide range of abilities from beginners all the way through to higher levels.

Each class will involve a mix of tumbling, aerial skills and general strength and conditioning. Look forward to seeing you there!

Annual enrolment fees $94* (non-refundable):

  • Gymnastics Victoria & Australia – Registration & Insurance Fee $34 (valid to Dec 2024)
  • MYC Club Membership – $30.00 (Not for Profit organisation)
  • Equipment Levy: $30.00

*Annual Enrolment Fee must be paid on enrolment or within 30 days of first trial class.

Participants will be contacted following their 5th visit and can purchase another pass:

Classes may be cancelled at the discretion of the Club due to staff absence or Club events, participants will be notified via email or text prior to the class.