About MYC

MYC Gymnastics is a not-for-pro­fit entity run by an elected volunteer committee of management. Mornington Youth Club Inc was established in 1962 to take over the activities of the Mornington  Police and Citizens Youth Club which was formed in 1954 and was located at 130 Wilsons Road, Mornington. Over the years Mornington Youth Club ran a variety of sporting and social activities including hockey, marching girls, calisthenics and judo.

Eventually due to sheer numbers, gymnastics became the only sport under the banner of Mornington Youth Club. Around the year 2000 the Committee of management started negotiating with the Mornington Peninsula Shire Council for assistance in obtaining a larger venue. MYC relocated to our current home at Civic Reserve, Mornington in October 2014. At this time the club changed its name to MYC Gymnastics.

Throughout the years, the club’s culture has remained constant, a blend of nurturing and teaching skills, instilling a feeling of achievement and improved self esteem, all in an atmosphere of fun and safety. A prime component in the spirit of MYC is the belief in all children being treated equally and being given the opportunity to develop to their potential.

MYC Gymnastics runs a trainee program which allows senior gymnasts to develop their coaching skills. All classes are trained by fully qualifi­ed coaches under the Gymnastics Australia guidelines.


Respect, Integrity, Inclusion and Dedication. 


To strive for competitive excellence whilst continuing to provide inclusive programs which enable  participants to explore their potential in a fun, safe and supportive environment. 

Mission Statement 

Providing quality gymnastics opportunities on the Mornington Peninsula in a friendly, safe,  supportive and professional environment.

It All Began at Hastings

Today we attended Hastings centre to watch our 6Y0 granddaughter at gymnastics.
Memories, our daughter Caroline began her journey in the fitness industry 40 years ago at Hastings, the equipment then was pretty basic, nothing like the set up today.
Caroline competed in gymnastics and aerobics culminating in competing in the Sports Aerobics & Fitness World Championship 2022 at Ostravia, becoming World Champions, Dream accomplished.
Caroline currently coaches at Peninsula Gymnastics Rosebud.

David Carter
proud parent

Our Constitution

MYC Gymnastics Constitution can ­downloaded by clicking the button here.

Code of Conduct

  1. Respect the rights of gymnasts to learn and coaches to teach without interference from others.
  2. Be courteous, polite and punctual. The Club has a 10 minute late policy: Later than 10 minutes, gymnasts may be excluded from class.
  3. Practise and exercise in a safe and sensible manner and always with coaches’ supervision.
  4. Respect Club property and equipment by using only with coaches permissions and reporting any damage promptly.
  5. Take responsibility for your belongings and respect others property within the facility.